MACR 2941

389th BG Missing Air Crew Report Details
Date Lost: 24-Feb-44
Serial Number: 42-73504
Aircraft Model B-24J-50-CO
Aircraft Letter: Y-
Aircraft Name:
Squadron: 567th BS
Location: Crashed at Gotha, Germany
Cause: German fighters
Position Rank Name Fate Hometown
Pilot 1/Lt Belanger, Alton C. KIA Duluth, MI
Co-Pilot 2/Lt Rutledge, George W. KIA Alexandria, VA
Navigator 2/Lt Barry, Edward A. KIA Lowell, MA
Bombardier 2/Lt Raynie, Harold T. KIA Hawarden, IA
Engineer S/Sgt Williams, Marshall R. POW Selman, TX
Radio Op. T/Sgt Howard, Oren J. KIA Amboy, IN
Ball/Tunnel S/Sgt Stearns, Ernest C. KIA Houston, TX
Waist Sgt Johnson, Louis B. POW Westfield, MA
Waist S/Sgt Martin, Phillip A. POW Poseyville, IN
Tail S/Sgt Vitale, Felice J. KIA Long Is. Cty, NY
Nose Turret S/Sgt Henderson, Clarence KIA ???
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