MACR 5473

389th BG Missing Air Crew Report Details
Date Lost: 29-Apr-44
Serial Number: 41-28784
Aircraft Model B-24HSH-15-DT
Aircraft Letter: F
Aircraft Name: 376
Squadron: 564th BS
Location: North Sea
Cause: AA Ditched in the North Sea
Notes: See "Looking Back" by Dale Vanblair for more details about this crew and ditching.
about this crew and event.
Position Rank Name Fate Hometown
Pilot Lt Locke, Alfred H. RTD ???
Co-Pilot Lt Self, Errol A. RTD Oklahoma Cty, OK
Navigator Lt Hortenstine, John W. RTD ???
Bombardier Lt Belclisur, Arthur C. KIA ???
Top Turret T/Sgt Freeman, Harold F. KIA Hannibal, MO
Radio Op. T/Sgt Wallace, Richard J. RTD Claremont, NH
Waist S/Sgt Paez, Pedro S. RTD ???
Waist S/Sgt Boisclair, Henry S. RTD Leesburg, FL
Tail S/Sgt VanBlair, Dale R. RTD Quincy, IL
Command Pilot Capt Bryant, Ralph S. KIA Marion, SC
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