MACR 5859

389th BG Missing Air Crew Report Details
Date Lost: 1-Oct-43
Serial Number: 42-40775
Aircraft Model B-24D-95-CO
Aircraft Letter: Y
Aircraft Name: WOLF WAGON
Squadron: 565th BS
Location: Wiener-Neustadt, Austria
Cause: AA, direct hit.
Notes: See Bomber Pilot page 126 for more details.
Position Rank Name Fate Hometown
Pilot 1/Lt Matson, Kenneth POW Gary, IN
Co-Pilot 2/Lt Patterson, Charles F. KIA OH
Navigator 2/Lt Engelhardt, Jack B. KIA Winnetka, IL
Bombardier 2/Lt Munroe, Stewart W. KIA Grosse Pt, MI
Ast. Engineer S/Sgt Strasemeier, William KIA Madison, IN
Radio Op. T/Sgt Sheehan, Harold L. POW? ???
Engineer S/Sgt Early, Stanton POW? ???
Arm. Gunner S/Sgt Crowley, William N. POW Chicago, IL
Gunner S/Sgt Driver, Robert R. KIA WI
Ast. Radio Op. S/Sgt Edwards, James B. POW Moffett, OK
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