389th BG Chrono 1

389th Chronology  
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Date M# Target/Location Event/Notes Detail
24-Dec-42 -- Davis-Monthan AAB, Arizona 389th BG Activated  
1-Feb-43 -- Biggs AAB, Texas 389th BG physically formed  
17-Apr-43 -- Lowry AAB, Colorado 389th BG begins final training  
11-Jun-43 -- Camp Kilmer, NJ Ground echelon arrives in Camp Kilmer, NJ, & Col. Wood arrives with first air element at Hethel, England  
13-Jun-43 -- Lincoln, Nebraska Staging to England  
14-Jun-43 -- Montreal, Canada Staging to England  
17-Jun-43 -- Bangor, Maine Staging to England  
18-Jun-43 -- Goose Bay, Labrador Staging to England  
21-Jun-43 -- Meeks Field, Iceland Staging to England  
25-Jun-43 -- Hethel, England (42-40774 O) w/pilot James  & (42-40687 I) w/pilot Fowble collide in training flight, both a/c salvaged -- James' navigator Charles Quantrell killed  
25-Jun-43 -- Bengasi, Libya Spurrier, Opsata, & Nading crews join 389th BG from 93rd BG.  
30-Jun-43 -- Camp Kilmer, NJ Ground echelon embarks on Queen Elizabeth  
30-Jun-43 -- Hethel, England 389th leaves for North Africa  
1-Jul-43 -- Hethel, England George Makin & his crew leave for N. Africa  
2-Jul-43 -- Lisbon, Portugal (42-40783 K-) w/ pilot Wilhite landed in neutral Portugal after experiencing mechanical problems -- 10 + INT  
6-Jul-43 -- Gourock, UK Ground echelon arrives in UK  
9-Jul-43 1 Maleme, Crete 389th BG -- 1st Combat Mission  
(42-40779 P) w/pilot Scates lost due to AA and fighters -- 10 KIA Detail
10-Jul-43 -- Ireland TRAVELIN' TROLLOP (42-40784 T-)  w/pilot VanBenthuysen Interned in Ireland -- 10 INT Detail
11-Jul-43 2 Reggio, Italy Spurrier crew's first mission  
12-Jul-43 3 Reggio, Italy FIGHTIN' SAM (42-40506 A-) is forced to divert to Malta after taking a direct hit over Reggio.  Detail
(42-40697 K) hit by flak and forced to crash land in Sicily.  Pilot Lt. Wright and crew returned. Detail
14-Jul-43 4 Messina, Sicily (42-40730 G) w/pilot Lyndon Brown lost over Messina due to AA -- 10 MIA Detail
16-Jul-43 5 Bari, Italy A/F Spurrier crew in 807-U. Observed Italian fleet at Taranto,  & 10-12 Me109's attacking rear of formation.  
19-Jul-43 6 Rome, Italy (42-40665 A) w/pilot Walsh left formation enroute to Rome, hounded by German fighters the crew bailed out over Malta -- Crew returned. Detail
1-Aug-43 7 Campina, Rumania 389th earns Presidential Unit Citation, all of the crews receive the Distinguished Flying Cross, and Lloyd Hughes earns the Medal of Honor. The 389th BG loses six aircraft in one of the most daring raids of the war.  Coming in at tree top level the Sky Scorpions destroy the Steaua Romana oil refinery.  The refinery does not produce oil for six months.        
SE of Campina (42-40735 C-) w/ pilot Horton --  9 KIA, 1 POW. Detail
SE of Campina (42-40753 J) w/ pilot Hughes -- 8 KIA, 2 POW. Detail
Romania (42-40782 X-) w/ pilot O'Reilly -- 1 KIA, 9 POW. Detail
Romania BOOMERANG (42-40115 A-) w/ pilot Neef -- 11 POW. Detail
Izmir, Turkey HITLER'S HEARSE (42-40533 R-) w/ pilot Mooney -- 1 KIA, 9 INT. Detail
Izmir, Turkey (42-40744 S) w/ pilot James -- 10 INT. Detail
4-Aug-43 -- Bengasi, Libya SWEET ADELINE II (41-23933 Z) w/ pilot S. Podolak returns from Cyprus after landing there on 8/1/43 Campina raid  
13-Aug-43 8 Wiener-Neustadt, Austria Longest mission of the war so far, leave from Bengasi and land in Tunisia  
14-Aug-43   Tunis, Tunisia Crews return to Bengasi from Tunis  
16-Aug-43 9 Foggia, Italy --  
19-Aug-43 10 Foggia, Italy --  
21-Aug-43 11 Cancello, Italy --  
25-Aug-43 -- Bengasi, Libya 389th BG departs Bengasi to return to Hethel, England.