MACR 42-40665

389th BG Missing Air Crew Report Details
Date Lost: 19-Jul-43
Serial Number: 42-40665
Aircraft Model B-24D-85-CO
Aircraft Letter: A
Aircraft Name: TEN HIGH
Squadron: 564th BS
Location: Just off the north coast of Malta
Cause: German Bf-109's
Position Rank Name Fate Hometown
Pilot 1/Lt Walsh, H. B. "Ben" WIA  
Co-Pilot 2/Lt Blessing, S. E. RTD  
Navigator 1/Lt Sheard, A. J. RTD  
Bombardier 1/Lt McBrian, L. R. RTD  
Engineer T/Sgt Cain, C. R. RTD  
Radio S/Sgt Jacobson, W. M. RTD  
Waist S/Sgt Terry, O. R. WIA  
Waist T/Sgt Stokes, J. T. WIA  
Ball Turret S/Sgt Peterson, R. L. RTD  
Tail S/Sgt Farnham, A. J. WIA  
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